The Fire Within | Day 8 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Gurudev

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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    The Fire Within | Day 8 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Gurudev
    While we can choose what we eat, the process of digestion in the body after we eat it is entirely out of our conscious control. Or is it? In this session, Gurudev gently guides our awareness in a way that makes the digestive process in the body more effective.
    Maximize happiness, health & immunity. Cut down stress, anxiety, and depression! Learn the powerful breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya, along with Pranayama, Yoga, Meditation and Practical Tips for everyday living in the online Meditation and Breath workshop (The Art of Living Happiness Program).
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    About Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
    Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a world-renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader, and an ambassador of peace and human values. Through his life and work, Gurudev has inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress-free and violence-free world.
    Gurudev founded The Art of Living, a non-profit organization that is engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. The programs designed by Gurudev empower people with techniques and tools to live a deeper and blissful life.
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      1. Smriti Bhattarai

        After 21 days what type of medication should we do plz I wana know

      2. Harinakshi Shetty

        Pranab Gurudev🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      3. Sharayu Agnihotri


      4. Sharayu Agnihotri

        @Gaurang Patil PranamGurudev

      5. Gaurang Patil

        。。 ,,

    2. Aditya Singh


    3. Rahul Prajapati

      Check out this cool artwork on meditation

    4. Sushil Singh

      Wonderful experience


      Was superb... JGD

    6. Arup Biswas

      I made it to 8 days....just can't believe! Thank you Sri Grurudev!

    7. Vishal Gupta

      Jai gurudev 🙏🙏

    8. Usha Vachher

      Very peaceful and enjoyable. Thank you Guruji.

    9. shankarmenon1youable

      Crorers of pranam gurujee.excellent experience

    10. Vibha Rawariya

      Just want to say thank you so much for this mindfulness meditation day by day i am seeing improvement and its 2nd time i am practicing and accepting 21day meditation challenge

    11. Usha Vachher

      It is so good to meditate everyday. I simply love doing it and thankyou JGD

    12. Meena Bhatt

      Fantastic experience ❤️🙏

    13. LAKSHMI M R


    14. Kuldeep Jain

      Very nice

    15. Rani Indira

      Great Experience. Thanks.

    16. iswarya ish

      Day 8: I can still feel numb in my legs and cannot sit straight for the entire session and this is distracting me more.

      1. Eleppans Media

        Distraction is also fine. Let it be

    17. Bala bawa

      Please mention to gurudev that he should talk about kidneys s0metimes. I need his blessings for improvement Thanks

    18. Avishkar Dongale

      The best experience of life is going within yourself 😇

    19. anitha soundararajan

      Day 8 Done. Thank you! Jai Gurudev!

    20. Nilima

      Jay guru dev ji.

    21. kakamada madhu

      Jai Gurudev kindly bless my family, regularly doing meditation, I have so much improved without any intentions getting good sound sleep🌺🌺🌺🙏🙏🙏

    22. Nikhil Raj

      Things starting to change.❤️

    23. Jaya Nagaraj

      Jai Gurudev sasthag Pranma Guruji The Meditation was very Greasful 👌👌👌👍🙏🙏🙏🌹🌷🌹🚩

    24. Aniket Jha

      Just wanted to ask one question Can we do meditation if we don't believe in god??

    25. Anjali Sharma

      Very nice feeling

    26. Shikha Chandra

      Yesterday i took me meal unhappily and then today upset stomach 🤭 and today's meditation was all about digestion . M so blessed to have this session today 🤗. Thank U Art of living for this 21 days meditation challenge 💞

    27. diksha palariya

      Thank you very much for this program I am feeling very relaxed day by day.

    28. Ajay Vansdawala

      Feeling calm

    29. divya babariya

      Jay gurudev💐🙏

    30. Ashna dev

      Today i learn that we should eat mindfully and wholeheartedly. #Day 8 completed successfully on 30 sep 2020 I didn't meditated for last 2 days becoz of some work but today i am back and i promise to meditate on daily basis

    31. Ria Hirlekar

      Thanking Gurudev 🙏🙏

    32. Jayshree Ghogare

      Jai Gurudev 🙏🌹

    33. Pushpa Krishnan

      JAY GURUDEV ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 Gratitude to Gurudev 🙏👍

    34. Shubhaprada K R

      Pranamas to Gurudev 🙏🌷

    35. Swagata Banerjee

      Jgd..please accept my pranam.

    36. Juan Rodríguez Varón

      Gorgeous 🌞🌞

    37. Nirmala Chettiyar

      Best wishes guru dev

    38. Aruna Basnyat


    39. Manila Shah

      JGD!!! THNK U SO MUCH GURUDEV! Initially I took 21 day challenge but due to some reason it didn't now witbthe start of purshottam maas took it again from day one. Gurudev today was my 8th day ,it was an awsm feeling ..I literally felt as if I was transferred into my mom's womb ... amazing...I even loved the 3rd day meditation which was on eyes ....everyday experience is totally different....will keep updating as and when about the gratitude towards all of you ....u are also an avtaar of Lord himself doin kind deeds for the society...jai gurudev!!Charan sparsh

    40. Manamita Mandal

      I had a beautiful experience today! That there exists no sorrow at all...this world is just a veil...over the blissful energy of creator!!!

    41. Shikha

      it was really great experience..

    42. harshala kerkar

      Thank you Guruji 🙏🙏

    43. Sourav Sasmal

      Joy guru Deb❤️❤️

    44. Suman Sanju

      Jai gurudev ❤️

    45. RLVTV

      So nice to be able to focus on bodily functions like heartbeat, digestion and breathing without anxiety attacks. Thanks again for another fantastic mediation session 🙏🏻

    46. Prasanna Suresh


    47. Maya Sinharay


    48. Maya Sinharay

      The besy

    49. Maya Sinharay

      Simply superb

    50. Atharva Dhebe

      When the part of settling in the belly arrived I was not able to concentrate felt restless and sleepy at the same time,anyone who can tell me why it happened and what do I do??

    51. Smriti Bhattarai


    52. Baby Choudhary

      I liked it🤘🤘👍🌻🐕

    53. Jyoti Prakash Dikshit


    54. Mit Sidapara

      This Whole Challenge Is Probably The Best Part Of Lockdown 🙂

    55. Healing Waves

      “meditation nourishes your awareness that you are the Self, then you can relax and have fun in this Divine Play.” ― Bert McCoy Infinite Love Beautiful Soul! ✨❤

    56. rajiv kohli

      Thank you gurudev for such a beautiful session..

    57. The roblox princess

      This 21 day challenge is really cool, otherwise I have never meditated for eight consecutive days. Thank you guru ji ..lots of love!!!!

    58. santosh choudhary

      Love you guruji🙏🙏

    59. Dru Blackthorn

      I feel so jittery while meditating...I can't sit still....I literally force myself to keep my eyes closed n then I'm just dozing off through most of it 😔

      1. Dru Blackthorn

        @amazing actor ahh...will surely try it... thank you so much 🤗

      2. amazing actor

        @Dru Blackthorn vy good... Also do mantra chanting... "OM NAMAH SHIVAY " 108 TIMES... u can also play same thing on yputube n try.. it's for praying lord shiva.. lord SHIVA is the creator of the universe... vy vy powerful.. it will give u immense power n peace n will enrich ur focus...🙏

      3. Dru Blackthorn

        @amazing actor thanks for the advice... I'll try💜

      4. amazing actor

        It's a good sign it means ur body needs rest nothin to worry about n don't force anything on urself.. just be

      5. amazing actor

        It's a good sign

    60. Jeanette Bhaggan

      I feel AMAZING thank you so much Namaste with LOVE Jeanette

    61. Mallika Datar

      It's amazing how we never pay attention to how our stomach is really feeling, and this meditation is so powerful in the age when mindless eating is all we know how to do. Will be coming back to this meditation for a long time. Please do a dedicated meditation short course on mindful eating!!!please! It will benefit so many people!

      1. Utsa Parashar

        Yea ,.. right ..21 days challenge on gut health meditation

    62. Mallika Datar

      God bless this 21 day challenge. Everyday we are learning to become better here in the UK! Thank you for doing this online for all of us! This has been life changing. Looking forward to the "doing", and hoping the meditation can translate to mindful eating, which is so difficult!

    63. shaah lex

      Absolutely relaxing 🌸

    64. Kruti Thakker

      This meditation challenge has changed my whole perspective about meditation. It has never been so easy and enjoyable before. I don't have to force myself, it's really a beautiful feeling.

    65. A R D

      👌👌🙏🙏🙏 Nice... thank you...

    66. Veena Kasu

      Thank you very much to 🙏🙏Guru dev and you sir ! Really so happy 😀🙏🙏🙏

    67. Harin Patel

      Today I feel relax and happy and during the mediation I feel headache.

    68. Pitu Sarkar


    69. Suryansh Gupta

      My father has some stomach problems And he ,due to his work, cannot be a part of this 21 day meditation course Please tell me if I can just let him watch just this video to improve his digestive system.

    70. Ashish Bharade

      Sri sri GuruDev Sadar Pranam.... Many thanks for such a wonderful experience after 7th days of medication I feel changes in myself... Except during meditation sometime mind move to some things that worries sometime move to some hypothetical thoughts some future things sometime analyzing myself n den again back to inner world ... Plz guide me to b more mindful during meditation 🙏

    71. Shubham Narnaware

      Thank you 😊

    72. Rashmi Thapa

      i always feel relax after doing this. I can't thank enough. Thank you so muchm

    73. Radhamaniamma T N


    74. nivs

      My spine starts hurting and i have trouble sitting straight throughout the meditation. Anything i can do about that?

    75. puja gupta

      I felt like exhausted and felt very different from other days!!

    76. Gaitri Davi Gaitri Davi


    77. Parveen Chaudhary

      Jai guru Dev ji

    78. Nitihin Muthukad


    79. Prasad Ghodke

      Jai Gurudev.

    80. Estefania Ox

      Gracias 🙏🏼

    81. Bhumika Chavan 9th E 07

      Graceful!! 😊


      Feeling restless and completely drained in middle of session. Don't know why?

    83. surbhi sharma

      Very nice . Feel very good.

    84. sohail khan

      Thanks गुरुदेव

    85. Babasaheb Chavare

      जय गुरुदेव....

    86. Deepak Thakur

      today I felt like my head is falling left side.. and disturbed me

    87. Vishesh Chaudhary

      Monk Chats are informal discussions where you sit at a round table and talk with prep school age Monks who are usually accompanied by their teacher. Monk Chats are a great way not only to be part of a fun exchange culture, but is also important in helping the young Monks to get better at speaking English. जय हो गुरु जी

      1. Vishesh Chaudhary

        आपको सुनकर मैं को शांति मिलती है।।।

    88. वैद्य विलास शिंदे Vaidya vilas shinde

      वैश्वानर अग्निके बारे में बहुत ही अच्छा वर्णन किया है,शरीर और मन अच्छा रहने के लिए ध्यान धारणा आवश्यक है.इससे हम सहमत हैं.

    89. deeplaxmi's वाचन कट्टा

      Nice experience... whenever I here gurudev, i feel that I m child and gurudev is my mother

    90. Yogendra Gotee

      It has helped me to Love the Zero❤ as it always exists wherever their is nullity and also need to regrow and is just before origin of negative ➖ and positive➕ on the number line.

    91. Divya Teja

      JGD, we are blessed to have these sessions specially during this pendamic 🙏

    92. Sushma Desai

      Feel good Guruji. Ty so much.

    93. ujjvala bapat

      We are very much benefited with these meditation sessions. Thanks a lot and many many pranams

    94. ujjvala bapat

      Pranam will you please guide for increasing O2 levels in normal body

    95. kids kallakal


    96. J Halloran


    97. Bhavana Solanki

      Such a deep relaxation dint feel like coming out of it thank you gurudev

    98. Buddha Hungerford


    99. Hemant Patil

      Just amazing 👏 😍.....

    100. Mohit Rana

      Finally some video on meditation on trending 😍, we are moving in a positive direction 😍😍😍